Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Super Mario Galaxy" for the Nintendo Wii

One of the best-selling games of 2007, despite only being released in November and at the same time as another Mario (& Sonic) game...

Super Mario Galaxy

I thought it was very strange that the worldwide release of "Super Mario Galaxy" was timed such that it significantly overlapped with the worldwide release of "Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games". To clarify: "Galaxy" was officially released in Japan on November 1st, 2007, in North America on November 12th, in Europe on November 16th and in Australasia on November 27th. Meanwhile, "Olympics" was officially released in North America on November 6th, in Japan and Australasia on November 22nd and in Europe on November 23rd. Still, it doesn't appear to have done either game any harm, going by the December U.S. sales figures.

Having recently played "Galaxy", I can honestly say that I think it is the best video game ever made, and it must surely be set to become one of the best selling games ever because of its all-round brilliance. It is worth buying a Wii just to play it. The fact that "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" will soon also be available for the Wii is just a perfect bonus... So, come on Sega, please get it together and make a Sonic game that's as good as the Mario game (you haven't really managed that since the glorious 16-bit days, let's be honest), then video gaming life will be just absolutely perfect as far as I'm concerned.

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