Monday, May 19, 2008

More free Sonic game downloads

Last month I posted an article about some free Mario and Sonic game downloads for you to play on your computer (you can read the article and download the games here). Now there are two more great Sonic games that you can download and play for free:

Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic Matchit -> .zip format, 2.09 MB

Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic Sky Chase (2nd Version) -> .zip format, 1.28 MB

As before, the games are written in Flash, so you can upload them to your own website to play online as well as playing them offline on your PC. To use the downloads and play the games click on either of the links above, then select "Save" for the .zip compressed file that will be downloaded, and select a folder on your computer to save the .zip file into. Once the .zip file has downloaded successfully, unzip it and then you can play the game by double-clicking on the .htm file that was unzipped. (Note that the .htm file is an offline webpage that runs the .swf file which is the actual Flash game - you don't need an active internet connection to run it.)

To use the games in your own website, simply upload the .htm webpage files (which you may want to modify to your own site's style first) and the .swf Flash game files to your webspace, link to the .htm files from you site's home page, and you and your visitors can then play the games in your site.

You can play both these games, plus over 150 more, online at my site.

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