Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sonic the Hedgehog voted favourite computer game star

According to an article in yesterday's English Daily Telegraph newspaper, in a recent poll to find out who is the most popular video game character, UK gamers handed victory to Sonic (with 24% of the vote) over Mario (21%) and Lara Croft (16%). Other favourites were Donkey Kong (11%), Pac Man (10%), Link (5%), Max Payne (4%) and Pikachu (3%).

I am surprised, but happy, that Sonic won. Too often the professional game critics claim Sonic games aren't as good as Mario ones. Even though at times that also seems to be true to me, clearly the game-playing public disagree. Hoorah for that, then! The biggest surprise to me from this poll was the very poor showing for Pikachu, given the overall global popularity of Pokemon. Perhaps Charizard would have polled higher.