Sunday, April 26, 2009

Megaman and Pokemon animated GIFs / sprites

My post the other day showcasing some Mario and Sonic animated GIFs / sprites proved to be very popular, so here are a few more of my favourite video game animated GIFs to go along with them, this time featuring Megaman X and Pokemon characters:

Pikachu bouncing a PokeBall on his head

Pikachu balancing a PokeBall on his head

Pikachu balancing on a PokeBall

Raichu jumping around

Mew bouncing a PokeBall on his head

You are welcome to use any or all of these animated GIFs in your own website if you wish, but please copy them and upload them to your personal webspace - don't "hotlink" to the ones here. And please also include a link back to this blog by way of a credit to me. Thanks. :-)

You can find them all, plus loads more, on the following pages in my group of fun and games sites:

Megaman Images, Music and Games

Pokemon Images and Games

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