Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The first of many new HTML5 games in my Flash game sites

Tragically Adobe Flash will become unavailable for use at the end of this year. This will mean that come January 2021 every single Flash game in every single website in the entire world will stop working. So very, very sad.

The end of Flash was announced way back in 2017, so there has been plenty of notice about it, to say the least. But the road to establishing a global standard replacement for it has been a somewhat bumpy one. Initially a system called "Unity3D for web browsers" was a preferred solution, being able to create much better games than was even possible using Flash. However, that died several years ago, so it has the dubious distinction of being created and being killed off during the lifetime of Flash. Lol.

The replacement for Flash games now and going forward into the foreseeable future is HTML5, which means games written in that (which also includes the use of JavaScript and CSS) will run in any web browser without the need for Flash or any other software or app downloads.

HTML5 / JavaScript / CSS was chosen as the successor to Flash pretty much alongside the arrival of Unity3D, but for the longest time it was not possible to create the complex style of games that Flash offered, so it was a very poor choice. However, in the past few years that has changed enormously, and very large complex games are now possible in HTML5, as you can see if you play the following incredibly accurate recreation of the 1985 Nintendo NES classic game "Super Mario Bros.":

Click here to play the HTML5 game "Super Mario Brothers: Super Mario HTML5"

Super Mario HTML5

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